The MLB Lockout may have halted all conversations between players and franchises, postponing a number of big signings that teams were looking forward to do in free agency. But rumors continue making headlines anyway.

Carlos Correa looks like the biggest name on the market heading into the 2022 season after his contract with the Houston Astros expired this year. The shortstop, unsurprisingly, has reportedly drawn interest from several teams.

The Chicago Cubs are understood to be a likely destination for Correa, with both parties interested in making this move happen, but there's a condition from the player that would distance him from the 2016 World Series champions.

Report: The condition from Carlos Correa the Cubs would be unwilling to meet

According to 670 The Score, there's mutual interest between the Cubs and Correa to reestablish conversations and get the deal done once the lockout is over, but Chicago isn't convinced about an important demand from the player.

While Correa apparently pretends a long-term deal, similar to the one Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers, the Cubs are reportedly unwilling to tie him down to a 10-year contract, regardless of the money.

The interest seems to exist, it's the length of the contract what would hold them back. The report suggests that Chicago would much rather prefer to agree for a short-term contract with a higher average annual salary.


Cubs' doubts on Carlos Correa deal could open the doors for the Yankees

While the Cubs don't look convinced on satisfying Correa's long-term contract demands, other teams could step in and make an attempt to land the free-agent shortstop.

As Doug Rush (via Essentially Sports) notes, the New York Yankees could seize this opportunity to sign one of the most coveted names on the market once the lockout is lifted.

It looks like the MLB lockout won't be over before New Year, so these rumors might remain up in the air for a while. But it will finish at some point, and that's when teams will return strongly to the market to move forward with these kinds of moves.