It's been several weeks since we last hear of Trevor Bauer. He's being accused of sexual assault so, naturally, Major League Baseball put him on paid leave and he hasn't been able to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Bauer's camp has always stated that the encounters with the accuser were consensual. Moreover, they have evidence to prove that, even though the woman later tried to get a restraining order.

And now, in some documents obtained by TMZ, it shows that the accuser was only trying to gain a monetary settlement and end Bauer's career, going as far as to use false evidence to support her case.

Trevor Bauer Says His Accuser Is Framing Him

(Transcript via TMZ)

"In the docs, Bauer's lawyers claim his accuser's text messages and emails to friends and legal team show the woman was not sexually assaulted by Bauer, but rather show she had simply wanted to end the Dodgers pitcher's career.

Bauer's attorneys also claim the woman had hoped to ultimately gain a monetary settlement from Bauer after she had filed for her initial temporary restraining order against him earlier this summer.

In the docs, Bauer's attorneys say the photos that the woman provided in her June TRO request "appear to be edited or filtered in a manner to give a misleading or false impression of her injuries."

"[Bauer's accuser] has taken a proceeding designed to prevent future acts of 'domestic violence,' and turned it into a tool for attracting media attention and attempting to end [Bauer's] baseball career," Bauer's attorneys wrote.

The woman also allegedly told her friends and legal advisors that she was only hoping that Bauer "try to settle with me, offer me major cash then make me sign a non-disclosure agreement."

Needless to say, whether that's true or not is not for us to decide. We'll never condone violence of any kind, especially domestic violence. But for now, things seem quite blurry, to say the least; so we'll have to wait and see how this situation unfolds.