The Houston Astros will play in their fourth World Series in the last six years when they face the Philadelphia Phillies. Dusty Baker's team had a spectacular regular season as the best team in the American League and an impressive postseason so far by sweeping the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees

In a remarkable stat, the Houston Astros just played a record sixth consecutive American League Championship Series and all that, after the shocking 2017 scandal of signs-stealing use which left the franchise in the most complicated crossroads of their history. For them, it doesn't matter to lose superstars like Carlos Correa or Gerrit Cole. Houston just keep winning.

Even though the Astros are favorites to win it all in the 2022 World Series against the Phillies, Houston need 'divine' help to guarantee another championship ring. For that matter, there's a very special group in charge known as the Rally Nuns. Here you'll find more details about them and their magical relation with the Astros.

World Series 2022: Who are the Rally Nuns?

The Rally Nuns are, literally, a group of religious nuns who support fervently the Houston Astros. They have become a sensation during the last years, considering their presence with the team in their amazing run to six consecutive ALCS and four World Series appearances.

The Rally Nuns live southwest of Houston and they have their regular quiet and contemplative religious rutine as the Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province. Still, when baseball starts, they transform into the greatest fans in Texas. The first person to invite them to a game was Mattress Mack, a millionaire in Houston who is famous for his betting methods supporting the Astros and his furniture company.

The Rally Nuns are so popular in Houston that in the 2021 MLB postseason, one of them was invited to throw the first pitch representing the entire group. It was an amazing moment. People faithfully believe, after one game they attended, that if the Rally Nuns appear at the Jumbotron (big screen) in Minute Maid Park, a win or a comeback is guaranteed for the Astros.