The New York Yankees have Aaron Hicks since 2016, he was the result of a trade between the Yankees and the Twins for John Ryan Murphy. Hicks was considered the perfect center field for the team.

Hicks is the type of player that any manager wants on his team, he is a switch hitter (bats left and right) who during his time with the New York Yankees had 417 base hits in 7 seasons.

Hicks' best season with the Yankees was in 2018 with a total of 137 games, 480 at bats, 90 runs, 119 hits and 27 home runs. After that year he has played half the games due to injuries and roster rotation.

Aaron Hicks: Age and Salary

Born on October 2, 1989 his age is 32 years old, but in 2022 he will be 33 years old. Hicks has a 7-year contract with the Yankees for $70,000,000 for an annual salary of $10,000,000 million, his contract ends in 2027.

Aaron Hicks: Wife and Background

Hicks and pro golfer Cheyenne Woods are together since 2021, they have a son who was born in 2022, even though Hicks plays in New York during the offseason he travels to Scottsdale, Arizona to be with his wife and son.

Before playing pro baseball Hicks was good at golf, but his future was linked to baseball from a young age as during his school years he was a top baseball player at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School.