It's been a while since people considered Ben Simmons a good NBA player. His potential to be the best defender and playmaker in the league has always been there, but the injury-proneness and mental weakness held the Brooklyn Nets player back again this season.

It's always one thing with Simmons. When he's actually available, he often looks out of confidence on the floor. His aggressiveness as a scorer isn't there anymore, and he's an offensive liability every now and then.

So, now that he wasn't even able to finish the season and that his future is up in the air, ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst explained why he now has the worst contract in the National Basketball Association.

Ben Simmons Has The Worst Contract In The NBA, Claims Brian Windhorst

"No one is saying that the Nets had a great option," Windhorst said. "But when you look at his contract, Ben Simmons owed nearly 80 million dollars over the next two years, and hasn't been able to finish this season or the last season."

"His future is completely undecided, and he recently broke up with his agent," continued Windhorst. "The Nets have to try to figure out how to move forward with Simmons. It is pretty much inarguably the worst contract in the NBA right now."

"A lot of the troubles that they have run into this season are a result of the decision to make the trade the 76ers knew they were making trading an unreliable player to the Nets," Windhorst concluded.

Simmons' feel for the game has often been put into question. It doesn't even look like he wants to be out there at times, and he's failed to show any sort of accountability or self-criticism.

That, plus his constant injuries and steep salary, make him nearly impossible to trade at this point in his career. So, the Nets might even want to consider just buying him out at some point if they don't find a trade partner or can't use him anymore.