For the most part, it's the stars like LeBron James or Anthony Davis the ones who do most of the talking when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers. Nonetheless, for some reason, Jared Dudley has decided to serve as the team's spokesman over the past couple of seasons.

The lifelong role player has made some bold remarks since joining the purple-and-gold - even though he's barely seen the floor - taking shots at other teams around the league and calling out the haters.

That's why it wasn't surprising to see Dudley going at it one more time, accusing other NBA teams of losing in purpose and 'manage' their schedules just so they could avoid meeting with them in the playoffs.

Jared Dudley Says Other Teams Were 'Managing' Their Schedule To Avoid The Lakers

"We're getting healthy at the right time, and no one wants to see a healthy Lakers team," Dudley told Bleacher Report after his team secured a spot in the play-in tournament vs. the Golden State Warriors.

The Lakers are - in fact - getting healthy when it matters the most, with Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Alex Caruso, and Dennis Schroder all back at full strength just in time for the play-in game.

Dudley Says This Will Be The Hardest Title In NBA History

That wasn't Dudley's only bold remark, as he said that, should the Los Angeles Lakers win the title as the 7th or 8th seed this season, it would be the hardest-earned title in the history of the Association:

via Bill Oram

"It will be the hardest challenge any team has ever had in NBA history," Dudley concluded.

Winning the NBA title is hard, no one denies that, but we can all argue that the Lakers aren't an average 7-8 seed. They're the deepest team in the Western Conference and it's not even close, so it's not like they're some kind of Cinderella or underdog story, regardless of what one of their bench players has to say.