LeBron James gave the Los Angeles Lakers a 2-1 lead over the Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals, but that wasn't the most important part of the night for the NBA superstar.

Prior to Game 3, his son, Bronny James, announced he will play for the USC Trojans at the college level. As a father, it was a major moment for LeBron. Let's not forget that the legend has even assured he'll play for any NBA team that recruits Bronny in the future.


So, after the Lakers' extraordinary performance against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in Los Angeles, LeBron James had very special words for his son. The moment was amazing and these are the details. 

LeBron James gets emotional after Bronny James commits to USC

Bronny James has chosen the University of Southern California (USC) as his next destination. The 6-foot-3 point guard from Sierra Canyon High School is a great propsect and, of course, the national media will follow him closely as a possible heir for the King.

After the Lakers won 127-97 over the Warriors in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals, LeBron James was a proud father and couldn't hide the emotion of seeing his son going to college. These were his words:

"One of the best days of my life. First of all, congratulations to Bronny on the decision he made. Super proud of him. Our family is proud of him. It's even more special to me because it's the first time someone out of my family to go to college. Obviously, I didn't go to college either. No matter the outcome of this game, I couldn't lose today."


LeBron also talked about the possibility of playing with Bronny James in the NBA. "I've done what I had to do in this league and my son is gonna take his journey. We're gonna support him whatever he decides to do. Just because that's my aspiration and my goal (to play with him), it doesn't mean it's his. My job is to support my son whatever he wants to do."