The new-look Cleveland Cavaliers were outstanding in the regular season. Darius Garland and Donovan Mitchell meshed perfectly, and that frontcourt of Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley was among the NBA's finest.

However, it doesn't seem like coach JB Bickerstaff had his team ready for the playoffs. Moreover, giving Kevin Love up might have hurt them, considering they lack the depth and size to match up with rival bigs.

So, now that the New York Knicks have sent them packing early, let's take a look at the three free-agent candidates they should try and prioritize as soon as they're allowed to talk to players.

NBA Rumors: 3 Targets For Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Khris Middleton

This one might as well be the most tricky, especially for salary-cap purposes. But Khris Middleton might not pick up his player option in an attempt to pursue one final lucrative deal, and he'd be a seamless fit there.

The Cavs desperately crave someone to round up their starting lineup. They need someone who can play defense on the wing but won't be a spacing issue, and that's Middleton. Maybe, they could do a sign-and-trade if he doesn't pick up his player option.

2. Kyle Kuzma

The Washington Wizards reportedly want to keep Kyle Kuzma for the long run, but he might not feel the same way about them. He knows he can get paid somewhere else, somewhere he might actually make the playoffs.

Likewise, Kuzma is a perfect fit for what the Cavs need right now. He can play defense, and he'll spread the floor with his three-point shooting skills, not to mention he's another potential 20+ PPG scorer for them.

1. Dillon Brooks

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. No one wants anything to do with Dillon Brooks right now, and rightfully so, but he might make the most sense for this team, at least from a basketball standpoint.

Brooks hasn't been much of a shooter this season, but he's proven that he can knock down the three-ball. He's also a pesky defender in the perimeter and the wing, and he might be the cheapest option available for them if the Memphis Grizzlies don't want him anymore.