The regular phase of the best basketball league in the world, NBA, is coming to an end, and the fight for the Playoffs and Play-in positions is more interesting than ever, especially in the Western Conference. However, and although there are still some games to be played, there will be no activity on Monday and here we will tell you the reasons.

It is stipulated that the regular phase ends on Sunday, April 9, that is, there are very few days of competition left, so many games must be played and all of them are of great importance since they will define who will be in the postseason. That is why it is strange that, with so few days of competition left, there is one in which no franchise will see activity.

The Western Conference is the most even, with very little difference in games between the last qualified for the Playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers, and those who are now in 12th position, the Utah Jazz. In the Eastern Conference there are still several teams with a chance of reaching at least the Play-in, although in this case there is a greater difference between the records of those fighting for 10th place and the Playoff positions.

April 3 without NBA

The reason why the best basketball league in the world will not have activity on Monday, April 3, is because the 2023 NCAA Championship will take place on that day. However, on April 4, activity will return.