The New York Knicks and former All-Star Kemba Walker have reportedly agreed for him to sit out the remainder of the season. That's somewhat shocking given how poorly the team has performed this year.

Kemba is reportedly still trying to work his way back into his former shape after dealing with multiple injuries over the past couple of years. The Knicks, on the other hand, could still make a playoff push but have been far from impressive thus far.

Needless to say, a proven veteran scorer and playmaker such as Walker would gauge plenty of interest in the buyout market. Nonetheless, it seems like neither he nor the team is interested in that scenario.

Woj: Knicks Won't Buyout Kemba Walker Despite Interest From Contenders

“There are a number of teams who would love to have Kemba Walker in a buyout,” Adrian Wojnarowski reported on NBA Today. “That’s not gonna happen. He’s not interested in that with New York.”

“There’s a very good chance he’s played his final game for the Knicks,” Woj added. “They’ll get to the offseason and with a year left on his deal, see if there’s a trade scenario that might work for the Knicks and Kemba Walker.”

Knicks Will Swing For The Fences In The Trade Market

The Knicks are once again trying to lure a big fish to Madison Square Garden in the offseason. And, albeit Walker is on a low-cost deal, he could be the kind of bargaining chip that could sweeten a trade offer:

“They would be in the market for franchise-type players who became available in trades,” Woj said. “Is there a big player who can become available in trade talks? Is there a player who asked out of another situation?"

“The Knicks really have to take inventory on how much of their assets, their young players, what are they worth in the marketplace" Woj added. "But the goal here was not to kinda be a middling team to be fighting for a play-in. It was to go get high-level players. That will be the objective this offseason. It’s another thing to be able to execute it.”

Things aren't going well in New York and there are rumors of Tom Thibodeau's firing being imminent. That scenario could also open up the door for Kemba to get some playing time down the line or next season. For now, don't expect to see him suit up any time soon.