The Los Angeles Lakers aren't playing like a true contender. They entered the NBA season as one of the most stacked teams, and having LeBron James on the roster always gives fans hope for the playoffs.

Then again, it's clear that talent isn't enough to win in today's league. It takes luck, health, and plenty of effort. That's why some fans have called out Anthony Davis for not living up to the expectations this season.

In fact, Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless recently said that the Lakers should trade for Ben Simmons, as he would be a more valuable asset than Davis because the latter has no sense of urgency.

Ben Simmons Would Be Better For The Lakers Than Anthony Davis, Says Skip Bayless

"Ben Simmons gives you this: he's 3+ years younger than Anthony Davis...he's been pretty healthy. AD is not relatively healthy... If you want a basketball player, I suggest Ben Simmons right now would be more valuable to you than Anthony Davis. I don't know what's happened to him. He got his ring, and it almost felt like he semi-retired. Like he's not that into it anymore... I don't see the urgency in his game," Bayless said on Undisputed.

Lakers Tried To Trade Russell Westbrook For Ben Simmons

Maybe, Bayless' take isn't that far-fetched, as the Lakers reportedly inquired about Simmons' availability and aren't so sure about their Big 3. However, the Sixers weren't interested in landing Russell Westbrook in return:

"The trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook simply hasn’t blended as well as Lakers figures hoped, and Los Angeles has held internal discussions on trade scenarios for Russell Westbrook, league sources told B/R. But moving Westbrook and the two years, $91 million remaining on his contract does seem unlikely," reported Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

"The Athletic reported Los Angeles’ interest in Simmons on Monday, and Westbrook’s salary, outside of James’ and Davis’, is the only number on the Lakers’ books that can match Simmons’ own lofty deal. Even then, Westbrook is not a player on the Sixers’ list of hopeful returns, league sources told B/R, and conversations with the Lakers never developed very far," added Fischer.

At this point, it's unlikely that the Lakers will make a blockbuster deal or land Ben Simmons. But it's clear that they need to be very active on the phone and try to improve this roster before the deadline.