Dillon Brooks isn’t going to back down easily on the court. However, he didn’t do so outside of it either when it referred to his words aimed at LeBron James in the playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Brooks played until last season for the Memphis Grizzlies, but his tenure with the team ended poorly because of the postseason. Memphis were the second seed in the Western Conference, setting an intriguing matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite being ranked lower in the regular season, a team that has LeBron should always be considered dangerous. The problem was not that the Lakers eliminated the Grizzlies six games. It was Brooks’ decision to target the King what was seen as a huge mistake.

Dillon Brooks Doubles on the LeBron James Controversy

Brooks is certain that he was unfairly criticized for the Memphis Grizzlies’ exit in the first round of the playoffs against the Lakers. It’s not right to make one player take the full blame, but his performance was definitely not good enough to defeat Los Angeles.

“I felt like I always had him. I feel like that series was thrown upon me cause of the words that I say. But I’ve been saying things all year, and we won 50 games,” Brooks told Arash Madani of Sportsnet about his sayings towards LeBron during that series.

In the end, it was Brook’s incapability of back his talk with high level of play what ultimately led the Grizzlies to part ways with the player. He finished that series with a rather disappointing shot percentage of 31.2, so the team chose to not bring him back for another season.

What Team Does Dillon Brooks Play For?

Dillon Brooks plays for the Houston Rockets after signing a four-year contract worth $86 million.