Love him or hate him, Stephen Curry has become the most influential player in recent NBA history. The Golden State Warriors star changed the way the game is played, for better or worse.

Of course, he’s by no means a traditional point guard. He’s never been a pass-first kind of guy, even though he’s an elite playmaker and passer with outstanding court vision.

That’s why some people have still deemed him the greatest point guard of all time, even ahead of Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson. Notably, in a recent interview with Gilbert Arenas, he seemed to agree with that statement.

Stephen Curry Says He’s The GOAT Point Guard

Are you the best point guard ever?” Arenas asked

Yes,” Steph replied. “It’s me and Magic, is that the conversation?”

“Obviously I have to answer that way. But to your point, Magic’s resume is ridiculous so the fact that we’re even having that conversation that’s a place I never thought I’d be in,” Curry added. “But to your point of how you grade it and the whole conversation, that’s why we have that conversation, it’s fun. And it’s measuring eras against each other. I love it. Put me on my own team, I’m going to rep myself for sure.”

Of course, it’s not like you could go wrong with either choice in this debate, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but this will fuel an interesting debate online, that’s for sure.