For years, his critics have mocked LeBron James for teaming up with other NBA stars. They try to look down on him because he 'had to' play with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Anthony Davis to win his four rings as if basketball wasn't a team sport.

Now, the Brooklyn Nets have put together arguably the most overpowered superteam we've seen in decades and people are finally starting to realize that LeBron isn't the only one teaming up with superstars to get an 'easy' path to a ring.

However, the anti-LeBron narratives could reach an all-time high next season if what Brian Windhorst of ESPN is saying is true. Apparently, he's trying to convince Stephen Curry to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst: LeBron James Is Recruiting Stephen Curry To Join The Los Angeles Lakers

"I know he feels a certain way about Steph 'cause I've watched him. (...) LeBron started recruiting him at the All-Star break. (...) I'm just saying. Steph's eligible for a contract extension. Just to be clear: Steph's eligible for a contract extension this summer and LeBron started recruiting him at All-Star break. (...) Listen, man, I'm just stating facts," Windhorst said on his podcast.

Obviously, this seems like quite the long shot, and Windhorst guests even laughed at him for just hinting at this possibility. Steph has vowed to stay loyal to the Golden State Warriors and no one thinks he'll change teams at this point in his career.

Then again, Kendrick Perkins already said the very same thing a couple of weeks ago, and we've seen crazier things happen in the Association. So even if it seems like a long shot, we'll have to keep an eye on this story.