The Golden State Warriors are far from having a great NBA campaign, unlike Stephen Curry, who keeps on shining and carrying the team's hopes for a playoff spot. Since Klay Thompson was ruled out for the rest of the season, the Warriors struggled and fell outside the top 8 of the Western Conference. 

However, Curry continued having outstanding performances all by himself to boost Golden State, despite his teammates failed to keep up with his level. Times have changed for the Dubs, who were used to getting into the Finals with winning records. Still, the point guard seems to be the same we saw throughout all those successful years. 

Curry is currently the NBA top scorer with 31.4 points per game, and he amassed 30+ points in his last eleven games. His form is what kept the Warriors alive in the battle for a playoff berth so far. As the regular season is coming to an end, many fans are wondering who will be named the 2020/21 NBA MVP. And Steph gave his opinion about it.

Steph honestly says who the 2021 NBA MVP should be

The basketball community has discussed for a long time who the Most Valuated Player would be this season ever since stunning displays started to place some candidates. While the Philadelphia 76ers began to rule in the East, Joel Embiid started to be a well-considered contender, and James Harden's breathtaking level with the Nets made him favorite as well. 

However, both of them indeed belong to teams that had a great performance this season. On the other hand, Stephen Curry is once again bringing out the best of his game without having too much help from his teammates. That's why the point guard when asked by Rex Chapman on his The Rex Chapman Show if he will be the MVP this year honestly answered:

"I gotta be, I gotta be. I probably won't get it, but whatever," he said. Truth is that Stephen Curry has done a campaign worth of the MVP award, he just didn't have the luck of being surrounded by a successful team. Golden State aren't even inside playoff seeds right now. 


If the two-time NBA MVP extends his current performances, whether or not his team makes it to the playoffs, he should be seriously considered as a candidate. Moreover, if the Golden State Warriors finish between the best eight in the Western Conference, then Stephen Curry's year would definitely deserve recognition.