The Portland Trail Blazers have already made it more than clear that they have no intention whatsoever of helping Damian Lillard get to the Miami Heat. They’ll only play ball if the Heat make an offer they like, which hasn’t been the case thus far.

The Blazers aren’t interested in getting Tyler Herro in return for Lillard, and he’s pretty much the best thing the Heat have to offer right now. So, they’re only hope is to get a third team involved.

Fortunately for them, Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports reports that the Utah Jazz could reportedly be willing to land the Kentucky product to facilitate this NBA-shaking deal.

NBA Rumors: Jazz Could Take Tyler Herro To Facilitate Damian Lillard Trade

“For the Blazers’ hopes of finding a multi-team package with Miami, there is optimism among league personnel that Portland will find at least a first-round pick from another franchise that’s more keen to welcome Tyler Herro,” Fischer wrote.

Although outside of early rumblings about Brooklyn and Chicago, the only team even loosely connected as a Herro suitor has been Utah,” continued Fischer, “The Jazz’s valuation of Herro was a key talking point around last year’s Summer League, too, as team staffers were readying for Utah to move on from Donovan Mitchell — in a trade sweepstakes that NBA figures believed would come down to the Heat’s offer featuring Herro, similar to their possible package for Lillard, and a potential offer from New York that could have included R.J. Barrett.”

It won’t be easy, but if the Jazz still consider Herro a potential building block, then the Heat need to make the most of this window to get the deal done and finally get their All-Star PG.