NBA became more than just a sports competition many years ago. The US elite basketball level turned into a global phenomenon that it's well-known in a lot of places around the world. It's more than America's greatest tournament of this sport, it is the most important on Earth as well. 

Millions of fans follow the games no matter where they are, and there are huge fans of teams like Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, among others, and of great basketball players too. Michael Jordan stepped up as one of the first to have such a success that he became popular throughout the world and even led into the inception of a brand with his name and image. 

However, despite all the tons of spectators of this game, many people do not understand clearly some rules like the length of the matches, fouls, or free throws. Here we'll take a look into this latest aspect. Find out how many points is a free throw worth.

The worth of a free throw in a basketball game

A free throw converted successfuly is worth one point in a match. The opportunity to have a free throw means being allowed to try to score without opposition, and a team can be given from one up to three consecutive free throws, depending if the previous foul was commited in front or behind the three-point line.

Like a penalty shot in soccer, a team gets the chance to have a free throw when an opponent's player commits a foul. This can happen when a basketballer gets fouled when trying to shoot. Sometimes happens that the player scores two points despite the foul, so in that case there would be provided just one free throw. 

Even though we can see amazing players in the NBA scoring from incredible distances, it is not that easy to make a free throw successfuly. Players mostly make the 70-80% of their shots, which shows that there is a margin for failure. There were NBA stars who had a poor record with free throws, although others came up strong at those moments and hold great marks instead.