The 2021-2022 NBA season officially ended for Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat after a tough playoff round against the Boston Celtics, after seven games Miami could not stop the visitors at home.

Game 6 was memorable, Jimmy Butler's best game during his NBA playoffs career, 47 points making him one of the few players with almost fifty points scored in a playoff elimination game, stat he is sharing with some top players.

The Miami Heat were supposed to be the big favorites to win the last game of the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, especially after what happened in Game 6, but once the Celtics took a small lead in the game the home team could never overcome this advantage that remained between 2 and 4 points.

What important shot did Jimmy Butler miss in game 7?

With 20 seconds to go the Boston Celtics were leading by just two points, and Jimmy Butler decided to try a 3-pointer to take the lead but he missed. That shot cost the Miami Heat seconds that could be used to score more points, after Butler missed the three, the Celtics took the rebound and the game was sealed.

Erik Spoelstra said he liked Butler's shot adding: “It was the right look. As it was leaving his hand, I thought for sure that it was going down. Good, clean look. It's definitely better than anything we could've designed."

Jimmy also referred to his missed 3-pointer: “My thought process was go for the win, which I did. I missed the shot but I'm taking that shot. My teammates like the shot that I took so I'm living with that.” (his words available on https:\/\/