The Golden State Warriors spoiled the Chicago Bulls’ inaugural Ring of Honor ceremony. They came back in the second half to get a much-needed win and snap their losing streak.

Notably, Jonathan Kuminga played a pivotal role in the win, scoring 24 points in as many minutes at United Center. That’s even more impressive if you consider the fact that he did it all while coming off the bench.

It’s not a secret that Kuminga is frustrated with his lack of playing time and reports state that he’s even lost faith in coach Steve Kerr. Now, it seems like he’s not even trying to hide it anymore, as he may have taken a shot at him after the win.

Kuminga Wants More Playing Time

When asked about his role, Kuminga claimed that he’s not even bothered by that anymore because he’s used to coming off the bench, so he’s just happy to help his team win:

“I’ve been coming off the bench since I’ve been here so that don’t affect me at all,” said the former top-10 pick. “I mean I stay professional as long as I go out there and just like I always say just go out there and help my team win.”

Kuminga stated that he’s going to continue being a professional and doing whatever it takes to help the team win, even if that means not being on the court as often:

“Just enjoying being with this group of guys that we got today. I mean it don’t matter even if I play less minutes and I know that I helped them win or just going out there and enjoying,” added Kuminga.

Even so, he seemed to throw a little shade at Kerr by sarcastically stating that having him play with the second unit may have been a ‘great decision from the coach.’

And we win, that’s all that matters. I mean, coming off the bench, maybe it was a great decision from Coach, but I can’t question that because, you know, whoever go out there and play and help us win, that’s all that matters,” he concluded.

Kuminga Is Untouchable

Some rumors claimed that Kuminga’s camp would push for a trade if he didn’t get a bigger role this season. Nonetheless, team owner Joe Lacob has been adamant to trade him, so he might be the only untouchable player not named Stephen Curry.

Even on limited minutes, Kuminga has proven to be ready for a bigger role. He has a huge defensive upside, and he’s made great strides as a three-level scorer as well.

Stephen Curry recently urged the team to make some moves as they continue to slide in the standings, and it has become more than evident that they do need to revamp their roster.

Nonetheless, don’t expect Kuminga to be moved any time soon, and even veteran guys like Andrew Wiggins or Chris Paul are more likely to be expendable than him right now, which makes plenty of sense, considering his upside.

SURVEY Can the Warriors turn things around?

Can the Warriors turn things around?