A couple of days ago, it became public knowledge that Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving was an anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist. While that was fairly unsurprising, many around the NBA were concerned about how his influence as VP of the NBAPA could affect other players.

Then, Golden State Warriors' Andrew Wiggins, Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal, and Denver Nuggets' Michael Porter Jr all shared their anti-vaxx views, stating that they don't want to risk side effects and that they didn't see the point if they could still get COVID.

That's why a clearly infuriated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar pretty much mopped the floor with them in an ellegant fashion. The Los Angeles Lakers legend took to his blog to call out these guys, saying they're "voluntarily uninformed dumb jocks."

Kareem Destroys "Dumb Jocks" Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, And Anti-Vaxx NBA Players

"But then there are those athletes who wish to pay homage to the dumb jock stereotype through their stances on COVID-19 vaccinations," Kareem wrote. "Their excuses for not getting vaccinated during one of the most deadly pandemics in history are as childish as they are uninformed. I refer to this as “voluntarily uninformed” because they have the technology to gather all the information through their smart phone, the most advanced educational tool in the history of humankind. Listening to them flounder when asked why they aren’t vaccinated is cringy embarrassing, like when a teacher calls on the kid in class they know hasn’t read the assignment but the kid tries to bluff it out anyway."

“Next time you have a serious infection, don’t take the anti-biotics the doctor prescribes because they don’t work 100 percent of the time,” Kareem added. “And when you’re playing basketball, don’t shoot the ball unless you score 100 percent of the time. Also, that question has been answered a thousand times by experts.”

“Trying to make this a matter of principle would be fine, if there was a rational principle involved. It’s not being forced to be vaccinated, since no one is forcing you. If you are so righteously committed to the principle, then don’t play professional basketball. Stand firm on that principle. Unless money trumps principle… The problem with that vague philosophy is that the rest of us pay for those sloppy thinkers because they are the ones clogging our hospitals, crushing our economy, and keeping us from our loved ones," he concluded.

You may or may not agree with Kareem or his views but you've got to admit that he's right on point here. We're not here to tell anyone what to do or what he should or shouldn't believe. But at least be coherent with your actions.