The Los Angeles Lakers entered this season as the team to beat not only in the Western Conference but in the whole NBA. Now, they added even more firepower after quite the interesting offseason.

But, given that they were still struggling to establish an interior presence - especially with Anthony Davis on the shelf for most of the season - they completed arguably their most important signing of the year: Andre Drummond.

Drummond is going to give them a much-needed boost ahead of the playoffs with his ability to dominate both sides of the glass and his newfound defensive skills. However, it'll take some time before he gets used to his new system.

Kyle Kuzma Throws Shade At The Detroit Pistons And Cleveland Cavaliers

Drummond has had some ups-and-downs over his first couple of games with the team, which is normal considering he's just learning things on the go. That's why Kyle Kuzma didn't waste the chance to diss his former coaches, saying this is the first time that he's actually being coached:

“I mean, it’s just a process, man. It’s not going to happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built overnight. I think that for him, it’s a big adjustment. When you think about it, he’s kind of really never really been coached in his career. Playing in Detroit, in Cleveland, and then coming here into a championship organization, it’s tough," Kuzma said.

That's just classic Kuzma and exactly why some people just can't take him seriously. He's constantly taking uncalled shots at everybody else and talking as if he were the reason why the Lakers are the reigning champions.

Then again, he's got a bit of a point this time. It'll take Drummond a couple of weeks to adapt and fulfill the role the Lakers want out of him, especially when LeBron James and Anthony Davis come back.