It's well known that LeBron James is not the biggest fan of POTUS Donald Trump, and the King never misses a chance to diss the politician, just like Trump does with him and the rest of the NBA players. The last presidential debate for the US Election 2020 between Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden caught the attention of everybody around the country and the King didn't miss his chance to urge people to vote

James wasn't happy with what he was watching on his TV, quickly going to Instagram to show his disagreement with Trump and urge people to vote next month in the presidential elections. Donald Trump has been four years at the office and he's earned a lot of enemies in politics, sports and show business. Bron is not the exception and he always takes a jab at POTUS whenever he has the chance

Hours before the debate, he shared a video of Barack Obama giving a speech, saying he missed Obama 'at the helm,' giving fans an idea of what was going to happen when the debate started and Trump said something LeBron didn't like. That time was very close and it didn't even take 30 minutes for the King to lose it while watching the president. 

LeBron James calls Donald Trump a clown, asks people to vote next November

LeBron took to Instagram to post a picture mocking Trump, putting a clown emoji on Trump's face while urging people to vote and make a difference. The player has been very outspoken about this. He had the same response after the first debate, asking his peers to '´please vote' on Twitter, just like stars as Stephen Curry, Donovan Mitchell and others. 

Bron recently talked about his feud with Trump, making it clear that he won't go back and forth with POTUS. However, this seems to be bigger than himself and James couldn't help but share this pic to let people know how he really feels about Trump and his desire to see him out of office.

Election day is November 3rd and LeBron is trying to spread the message to the American population about the importance of voting next month.