LeBron James was ejected during the Detroit Pistons versus Los Angeles Lakers match for the NBA season on Sunday evening after he violently punched Isaiah Stewart in the face. The Piston forward tried to retaliate James and things got messy. 

Early in the third quarter, Stewart attempted to box out James when, trying to free himself, caught Stewart in the face with a punch. Stewart was bleeding and tried to get at James, who had to retreat after teammates and officials intervened. 

Due to the incident, LeBron was assessed a flagrant two foul and was eventually ejected. Stewart has also been ejected, with Russell Westbrook being issued a technical foul. Fans at Little Caesars Arena cheered as James headed to the locker room with the Pistons in the lead.

LeBron James ejected against Pistons: Funniest memes and reactions 

After the altercation, Stewart repeatedly went after James, unwilling to leave the court. Eventually Steward was wrapped up and pulled off the court by Detroit personnel. Fans, of course, didn’t miss the occasion to go to social media and leave their best jokes. Here, check the funniest memes and reactions.