Despite being one of the greatest players of all time, LeBron James has always been a polarizing figure. Some love him, some hate him, and believe it or not, that has translated to Bronny James, his older son, who's also expected to be a first-round pick of the NBA Draft once his time comes.

Internet trolls have constantly made fun of the James household, and that only went worst when Bronny accidentally posted a video of him celebrating his dad's win vs. the Denver Nuggets smoking a joint.

Bronny James claimed that he was hacked and was quick to delete the footage but it was already all over the internet, with screenshots of him smoking with a "we smokin' that Nuggets pack tonight!" caption.

That's why social media was ruthless when LeBron James congratulated his son over his birthday with a heartfelt message on Instagram, cracking jokes about Bronny James' alleged incident and having a laugh at his expense.





LeBron James Posts Heartfelt Message Over Bronny James' Birthday

"Happy 16 kid!!!!! 1 of a kind and I’ve loved every second of your existence so far in your young promising life! You’re SPECIAL kid(always know that)! Continue to grow and continue to lead your generation to heights maybe you didn’t even think was possible because you guys are simply that SPECIAL!! Thank you for allowing me to be your inspiration, leader, listener, mediator, as well as many more things but most importantly simply being YOUR DAD! Love you kid until the wheels fall off and when they do we push the car to our destination side by side! Enjoy your day, your existence, your LIFE!! Live.Laugh.Learn.Love! bronny #YoungSimba," James wrote before trolls flooded his post with some hilarious comments.

Twitter Also Mocked Bronny And LeBron: Funniest Memes And Reactions

Needless to say, Bronny's birthday didn't go unnoticed on Twitter, as countless members of the NBA community took the liberty of congratulating him in their signature way: with memes and funny videos.

It's unlikely that the internet is ever going to let this go. Bronny James is expected to take his talents to the NBA once he's eligible and he's clearly a gifted athlete and interesting prospect with a privileged gene pool but as of today, he's just another kid who got caught smoking a joint.