The NBA All-Star Game gives us a unique opportunity to witness the best players in the world teaming up once a year. If it weren't for this, the only time we'd get the chance to watch them do so would be during the FIBA World Cup or the Olympics.

That's why Stephen Curry and LeBron James had never been teammates. First, they played in opposite conferences. Then, LeBron James had never chosen Curry on the All-Star Game draft. That finally changed this year.

As expected, a team with Curry and LeBron was as exciting as it was overpowered. Team LeBron demolished Team Durant with ease, partly thanks to Steph's rangeless shooting and astonishing playmaking.

LeBron James Reacts To Finally Playing With Stephen Curry

"Finally got to share the floor with @StephenCurry30! Well overdue and I loved every single second!! #GreatestShooterOfAllTime #ChangedHowTheGameIsPlayedByHimselfAlone #RespectBeyondWords #JustSomeKidsBornInAKRON," LeBron said on Twitter.

James and Curry have been lifelong rivals, facing off 4 times in the NBA Finals, with the Golden State Warriors' superstar getting the last laugh in 3 opportunities, and the rumor around the league is that they didn't get along, so it's nice to see that's not the case.

LeBron James Says Curry And Damian Lillard Are Unfair

James was also pretty excited about Curry and Damian Lillard - literally - pulling up from halfcourt, and took to Twitter to laud their incredible shooting performance during his team's win:

"By the way @Dame_Lillard & @StephenCurry30 simply ain’t fair!!! I literally kept telling them to back up further and further to shoot and what did they do?? EXACTLY," James tweeted.

The All-Star Game may have not been as exciting most fans wanted but at least, we got to see the most dominant scorers in the world sharing the court for a night. That doesn't happen very often.