The Los Angeles Lakers looked like the team to beat in the NBA at the beginning of the season. They made strong signings and surrounded LeBron James and Anthony Davis with even more talent after winning the ring.

Sadly, they could never get back on track after their stars got hurt. The supporting cast came up short when it mattered the most, and it seems like multiple players weren't comfortable with the position they were in.

After Andre Drummond called out the Lakers and coach Frank Vogel for not playing him enough and Dennis Schroder said that he wanted a bigger role, now Montrezl Harrell also took some jabs at the coach on Instagram.

Montrezl Harrell Isn't Pleased With His Role With The Lakers

"Lmao it's funny how all you MF think you know the game or what goes on lmaoo," Harrell replied to a fan who claimed that he can't guard centers and that the Lakers made a mistake by signing him and going small.

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"Lmaoo y'all nigga keep things match up situation are excuses lmao that sh*t isn't real," Harrell also said when a fan said that Frank Vogel didn't use him in some series because of more favorable matchups.

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It's clear that Harrell is unhappy with his diminished role last season. But to be fair, he was borderline unplayable at times in the playoffs. He couldn't get a single stop, he doesn't stretch the floor, and struggled to stay in front of bigger, stronger players.

Harrell's offensive contributions are duly noted. He's a grinder and a never-ending source of energy, so perhaps he could've had a longer leash. Then again, calling your coach out on social media isn't the best way to get things done.

The former Sixth Man of the Year has until July 31 to opt-out of the second - and final - year of his contract with the Lakers. But even if he picks up his player option of $9.7 million, the team could look to move him.