The 2022-2023 NBA Season is coming very fast as well as the players who missed last season due to an injury. One of those players was Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers, who during the offseason was one of the most hyped players due to his build up overall body seen in trainning camps.

This didn't go unnoticed, in fact the Los Angeles Clippers are one of the favorite teams to be crowned as the Western Conference Champion for the 2022-23 NBA Season. This was unveiled thanks to the NBA GM Survey that was recently published on the NBA's social media sites. 

However, Kawhi Leonard has set the tone down a little bit, because he knows his body, and what he can and can't do with it. So, the Clippers' fans will have to listen to what he has say, so they don't feel disappointed if things don't go as planned this season.

NBA News: Kawhi Leonard sets his goal for the upcoming season with the Los Angeles Clippers

After a successful return to the court, Kawhi Leonard spoke about it in a press conference after the NBA preseason game held at the Arena in Los Angeles. "It was great, just being able to put all that hard work that I did throughout the, whatever, 14, 16 months, just able to put it to test and playing against NBA talent, it was good. Just being out there with the guys and talking, I missed it. It was a great experience for me.” he said. 

Also, he made a comment about his current status in his full recovery. “That’s going to come. I’m going to be rusty. Legs definitely felt heavy, a lot of lactic acid in them. But as that time goes on, the rhythm will get back, the footwork, the spacing, the timing. Just knowing play calls, getting used to the crowd, getting used to T-Lue calling plays on the fly, my teammates yelling, the breathing, all that is going to come. I already know that, I know it’s a process and that is what I am looking forward to.” 

The Clippers will have their two final preseason games on Sunday, October 9, against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and on Wednesday, October 12, against the Denver Nuggets at the Toyota Arena in California. However, its unclear whether Leonard will have playing minutes for either of them.