The Los Angeles Lakers' start of the season couldn't have been any harder than this. First off, a matchup against the NBA Champion, the Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center. Then, the home opener game will be against one of the Western Conference contenders of this season, the Los Angeles Clippers, which has become a pretty good rivalry.  

In fact, the rivalry has increased since both teams play in the same city. It wasn't like this when the Clippers franchise was based in San Diego. So, as this clash increases its intensity, it does the same when players moved from the Lakers to the Clippers, or the other way around. 

As Patrick Beverley joins the large list of players who have been part of both NBA franchises through the history, his personality couldn't stop him from making unexpected comments about this matchup. In fact, those comments were against his own team, as surprising as it may sound.

NBA News: Patrick Beverley makes fun of the Lakers ahead of their Clippers matchup

The Lakers-Clippers matchup has become a heated rivarly, especially for the 17-time NBA Champion which haven't beat the Clippers in two consecutive seasons. In fact, in the last two seasons, the Clippers have won over the Lakers four consecutive times

So, when Patrick Beverley was asked about what he has enjoyed most in his Lakers-Clippers battles, he answered was plain and simple, "winning most of them", according to Jovan Buha from the Athletic.  So, despite he is a Lakers' player now, his personality couldn't stop him from making such a comment. 

According to the specialized site StatMuse, Beverley has a record of 7 wins and 3 losses to the Los Angeles Lakers as a Clippers player. Also, he has won the last two games of this rivalry, in 2021 and 2020.