Russell Westbrook has been targeted by the media throughout the entire offseason, especially with many trade rumors. But, at least for now the nine-time NBA All-Star will continue to play for theLos Angeles Lakers in the 2022-2023 NBA Season. However, now there's a controversy around him on social media about a pregame situation.

Due to his last season performance with the Los Angeles Lakers, the fans have outgrown a beef against Westbrook. Despite he was the third best scoring player in the roster with an average of 18 points per game, just behind LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. 

So, every little detail as insignificant as it may be, it can get worse for him. However, this isn't the case. Simply because Russell Westbrook didn't just ignore it. In fact, Westbrook has revealed what really happened in that video, and why it has caused a lot of controversy

NBA News: Russell Westbrook finally reveals the truth about the Lakers' huddle video

On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers faced the Minnesota Timberwolves in a preseason game. However, it wasn't the game what made this news, it looks like a fan-made video taken at courtside, where Russell Westbrook is seen taking off his pregame jacket while LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the Lakers roster are in the middle of a huddle. 

Minutes after the video was posted,  all the Lakers' fans started to react and posted about how bad Russell Westbrook is as a teammate. Then, the media started to repost the video, which in fact, is edited. The video was shorten to the moment where Russell Westbrook is no longer with his teammates but there is a larger version in which he was making his handshake with LeBron James.

However, Westbrook revealed to the press on practice about what really happened. "It's really weird man. Pregame, I've been doing that since I've been in the league for years, man. As far as the other video, I was talking to the coaches about a missed coverage. I am just trying to compete and do my job. You can cut any video, and make it anything out of it. It's not up to me to judge that. I am a genuine team player.", the 2017 Most Valuable Player award winnersaid.