Ben Simmons' situation was as controversial as it was unprecedented. For the first time in NBA history, a player claimed not to be mentally fit to be on the floor, prompting multiple mixed takes around the league.

Some thought Simmons was faking it and only wanted to force his way out of Philadelphia. Some said he was really struggling and vowed their support for him. So maybe the truth was somewhere in-between.

But whatever the case, the fact is that Simmons sat out a whole year, and that has to take a toll on him. That's why Seth Curry believes his first season with the Brooklyn Nets will be full of challenges.

NBA News: Seth Curry Says Ben Simmons Will Face A Tough Challenge

"There are always challenges. Foremost, he has missed a whole season. It is going to be a challenge getting his rhythm back playing basketball," Curry said. "I don't know specifically what he has been through, mentally – that's hard for me to comment on – but having that year off, having that time off, of competing and playing five-on-five basketball is going to be just as hard... just taking some time and getting re-acclimated to playing high-level basketball, but he is a special talent, has all the skills. The Nets need him on the floor."

He Doesn't Need A Jump Shot, Claims Curry

Curry also addressed the never-ending story about Simmons' reluctance to develop a jump shot. Per the sharpshooter, he doesn't need to do that and should only focus on what makes him a great player:

"I don't think he needs a jump shot. He's just got to do what he does best – which is defend, rebound, push the ball, make plays for other people and attack the rim. When you've got the size and talent like him, who takes not one but two and sometimes three guys to stop him getting to the rim, that is a lot in itself," Curry added. "He's a multiple [time] All-Star right now for a reason. If he can add knocking down free throws at a higher clip, it's going to allow him to be unstoppable once he puts his head down."

Simmons has generational potential. He's a physical specimen who can guard one through five and run an offense like the best of them. So, regardless of what happened in the past, we can only hope he's ready to roll next season, as the game is always better when the best players are on the court.