For years, people speculated whether LeBron James would play until his son Bronny entered the NBA. Then, last season, the Los Angeles Lakers star confirmed that he intends to play with his son.

The only issue is that most scouts and analysts don't expect Bronny to be a 'one-and-done' player. He's not as far ahead in his development as his old man and wouldn't gauge league-wide interest if it wasn't for his last name.

But regardless of how much of an impact he can make, the fact that he could be a bargaining chip to land LeBron in his final year is appealing enough for any team. That's why an Eastern Conference executive believes the Cleveland Cavaliers could use him to get his old man back.

NBA Rumors: Cavs Could Target Bronny To Get LeBron James Back

"The two things that would worry me if I was the Lakers are the Cavaliers and Bronny," the executive told Sean Deveney of Heavy.

"He wants to play with Bronny and he has said he will go and do that when the chance comes. He never said he would do it in Bronny's rookie season, but if he decides he wants to do that in 2024, then LeBron's only signing for one more year and he'll take a minimum somewhere to play with his son," he added. "But there's variables there too, like is Bronny definitely going to be one-and-done?"

"And there's the Cleveland thing. The Cavs could get themselves into position to get Bronny, and sign LeBron all at once in 2024. That's a home-run move for that team. They're going to keep that in the back of their heads, no matter what they do in the next couple of years. So the Lakers window here, it's really small," the executive concluded.


James is the greatest player in Cavs history, and going full circle to retire where it all started and playing side by side with his firstborn is a movie-like scenario. Also, the Cavs have built a promising roster that could be ready to compete for a championship in 2024, so don't sleep on this possibility.