James Harden’s potential trade has cooled off in recent days, as the player started to play with his Houston Rockets, is seemingly having a better attitude and the team is ready to compete with him on the court for the rest of this season. 

Things have changed a lot since the offseason to this point and Harden isn’t getting as much attention as before. That could open the doors for another player that could be leaving his struggling team this campaign. 

It seems like every team previously interested in Harden is now focusing their attention on Bradley Beal, the star of Washington Wizards and one of the best scorers in the NBA at this moment. 

James Harden’s potential suitors could be focusing on Bradley Beal now 

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer recently reported what could happen with all the teams that were interested in making a move for Harden, explaining that Bradley Beal is earning more attention as the days go by. 

His Washington Wizards have only won two games despite Beal having outstanding performances on a nightly basis. That could lead the player to request a trade, just like James Harden did with the Rockets. 

"Teams already widely known to have interest in Harden, such as the Nets and Sixers, would unsurprisingly also have interest in Beal, league sources say.

"There could also be a few teams flying under the radar who can put themselves in a superstar sweepstakes. This weekend, I asked 14 front office executives which teams come to mind as a sleeper for a blockbuster deal. Six of the executives responded with the Pelicans; three said the Heat; two said the Knicks; and the Mavericks, Nuggets, and Spurs each got one vote."

This is a developing situation so it would be unfair to make any prediction right now. Still, if things don’t get better for the Wizards, we would be seeing Beal leaving during the season or at the end of it. Things haven’t been good for him in the last two campaigns and that situation will definitely end to his departure from D.C.