Well, it's that time of the year again. A team enters rebuild mode, so every other franchise lurks around like vultures to try and make the most of their scraps. This time, we're talking about the Utah Jazz after parting ways with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.

The Jazz have an interesting set of veterans that could definitely suit multiple contenders. They're looking to stack draft picks and get better for the future, so it's only a matter of when they'll trade them and where they will send them to.

Perhaps the most appealing trade candidate on the team is Jordan Clarkson, one of the best Sixth Men in the league and a guy who's already drawing interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, among others. So, when asked about that, he was as blunt as one can be.

NBA Rumors: Jordan Clarkson Is Prepared To Join A New Team Amid Trade Rumors

"Honestly, we’ll see," Clarkson told Complex. "I’m ready for whatever happens. I’ve been in the league for nine years now. I’m kind of a young vet in this. So, whatever direction management, owners, and the team are trying to go, I’m ready for it."

"If I’m in a different jersey in a week or tomorrow I get a phone call and I have to put on whatever jersey it is, I’m just trying to win and take whatever team it is to the next level to hopefully win a championship one day," Clarkson added. "That’s my outlook on it."

"If I’m here in Utah, I want to win. I want to strive for the playoffs, try to put a team together that could win something," the guard continued. "It’s hard to go down from [where we were], bro. We’ve been winning for like three years straight. We had the best record in the league two years ago. This last year wasn’t the greatest, but we still finished top four in the West. We had another chance to win a championship and it all got squandered. It gets frustrating, but the sun comes out the next day and you’ve got to figure it out."


Clarkson's skill set would be perfect for most contenders, so the Jazz might want to wait for a while before making a move. Now, all teams can know for sure that he's ready to go to battle and finally win a ring.