The Los Angeles Lakers have been one of the biggest winners of the first couple of days of NBA free agency. They've added proven veterans like Carmelo Anthony, Trevor Ariza, Wayne Ellington, and Dwight Howard.

The Lakers also traded for Russell Westbrook during the NBA Draft, putting together the league's most recent Big 3. And, even though the fit seems questionable, to say the least, hopes are high at the STAPLES Center.

But that doesn't mean that Rob Pelinka is done making moves. By all means, the controversial executive might be just getting started. As, according to Paul Reed of FanSided, he's eying Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA Rumors: Kevin Love Could Also Join The Lakers

"It might be this offseason or it might be after the trade deadline. The question really is not if, but when," Reed started. "Kevin Love does have two more seasons under contract in Cleveland but as we saw with Detroit and Blake Griffin, a two-year buyout is definitely possible. With Evan Mobley now on the roster, Love is only taking minutes from the young core that is the future of the team. He does not help Cleveland at all anymore."


Even though there were rumors of a poor relationship with LeBron James, Kevin Love already knows what it's like to play next to him. Also, his friendship with Russell Westbrook from their days at UCLA could also be a factor to consider:

"Being a former teammate of LeBron is a natural in for Kevin Love. Players not only have to get used to the way that LeBron plays the game but all of the added attention that surrounds a LeBron team as well. We have seen teams trade away role players that just did not mesh well with what LeBron wanted to do in the past. Love knows exactly what it takes to be on a LeBron-led team and still seems to have a good relationship with James," Reed added. "That is not the only connection that Love has on the Lakers, though. Love was teammates with Russell Westbrook at UCLA and those two seem to still have a great relationship as well."

Then again, in all honesty, we haven't seen the best of Kevin Love in 2 or 3 years now. He's been hurt more often than not and the tanking Cavs had no reason to have him out there. So he may need to prove he's capable of helping before Pelinka makes a run at him.