In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the Los Angeles Lakers finally cut ties with Frank Vogel. They had one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history and will now target multiple candidates to fill in that vacancy.

Over the past couple of weeks, Quin Snyder's name has emerged as a potential candidate to be the Lakers' next coach. He has ties to the organization from his days as an assistant and has found great success with the Utah Jazz.

Nonetheless, the Lakers would still have to get past multiple hurdles to acquire his services, including his contract situation. But even if he were a free agent, it seems like he has no interest in replacing Frank Vogel.

NBA Rumors: Quin Snyder Doesn't Want To Coach The Lakers

“Snyder, who is known for having very good offensive sets and a solid defensive foundation, has led the Jazz to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season. He was an assistant with the Lakers while on the staff of coach Mike Brown in 2011-2012. Not only is Snyder under contract with the Jazz for at least one more season, people not authorized to speak publicly on the matter said he has become less interested in the Lakers’ job because of how the Vogel firing was handled," reported  Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times.

Snyder Shuts Down The Rumors About His Future

Recently, the Jazz's coach addressed the rumors linking him to the Lakers and Spurs. Far from stirring the pot, he called out the media and pointed out how disrespectful it was to ask him about another team's coaching position:

“To be honest, having to address this type of question in any form, in my view, is disrespectful to the teams that are mentioned themselves,” Snyder told the media. “I think specifically, these types of discussions are also disrespectful to coaches. And I love the guys that I coach. I love these players. And frankly, my focus is on our guys and our team. And as I said, addressing hypotheticals in these types of questions in any form I feel like is disrespectful. And that’s how I would characterize that.”

“I’ve never talked about my contract from day one, and I’m not going to,” he added.“That’s not something that I’m going to comment on now, nor at any point in the future. That’s not something that the Jazz have done. I personally don’t want to or believe in getting into public contract discussions.”

Even so, the word around the league is that the Jazz could look to blow things up if they underperform in the playoffs again, so maybe Snyder will change his mind in the next couple of months.