It's been a while since the New York Knicks were an actually competitive team. In fact, they haven't won an NBA Championship in decades and it doesn't seem like the team's front office has any chance of putting their woes behind them.

Leon Rose vowed to take the Knicks back to the top of the world and that will be easier said than done, especially considering the fact that their scouting department has done a suboptimal job lately, except for Kristaps Porzingis and Mitchell Robinson.

The Knicks have pretty much wasted all their lottery picks recently, so people instantly assume that whoever they take is either going to be a bust or have his career ruined by a team with no chances to contend.

That's why NBA Twitter had a lot to say when the New York Knicks used their 8th overall pick to draft Obi Toppin out of Dayton Univeristy, an athletic redshirt sophomore who's already 22 years old.

Twitter Reacts To New York Knicks Drafting Obi Toppin

Toppin, a New York native, was overwhelmed by emotions and having the chance to play for his hometown team after breaking out as one of the most electrifying dunkers the NCAA had seen in a while.

Then again, there are some serious questions regarding his age, his nonexistent defense, and how undersized he is for a guy of his position. Add the Knicks' reputation to that mix and you know the internet had a lot to say about this pick:

Hopefully, Toppin will turn out to be a solid pick for the Knicks and who knows? Maybe he's just the guy they need to finally go back to contention. But as of now, it seems like yet another typical Knicks pick.