The Los Angeles Lakers had already one of the best rosters in the NBA long before trading for Oklahoma City Thunder’s Dennis Schroder, who was coming off arguably the best season of his career.

Schroder is stuck in a bit of a limbo right now. He’s not that good to be a starting point guard or make top-money, even on this year’s limited free agency class. He’s not that bad to be on a veteran minimum deal either. But the worst part is that he seems unwilling to meet anyone in the middle.

The German point guard turned down two contract extension offers from the Lakers because he felt like he deserved to be paid top-dollar. And even though the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks were reportedly interested in his services, that no longer seems to be the case.

Robert Horry Destroys Dennis Schroder Over Free Agency Fiasco

That’s why former Lakers forward Robert Horry didn’t hold back on him. Horry mopped the floor with Schroder and called him out for his attitude and claims, as it’s clear that other NBA teams just don’t value him that much:

“You said, ‘Oh, I want to return to the Lakers.’ But you wanted to play games. Now you are the disaster of your own game plan. You don’t know what you’re going to do. You probably lost about $60 million because you didn’t sign with the Lakers. Now you’re probably going to have to sign a one-year deal because I don’t think the Lakers are going to bring you back because they’re stacked now. They have no room for you,” Horry said on ESPN’s The Jump.

“He wanted to be a starter in this league,” Horry added. “Now wherever he goes, he’s going to go back to being a back-up. I just hope it doesn’t turn out like an IT situation where you pass up on all this money, and you can never recoup it.”

Schroder could’ve made a lot of money with the Lakers and assure a spot on a championship contender. Now, he’ll have to wait and see what team is willing to lend him a hand and pay him way less than what he could’ve gotten.