It seems like the Minnesota Timberwolves had last night's clash with the New York Knicks marked on their calendars, as their brought their A-game vs. their former coach Tom Thibodeau.

Minnesota pulled off a huge comeback in the fourth quarter fueled by Anthony Edwards' 12 points and a couple of assists over the final 12 minutes of the game, including a nice pass for a Malik Beasley game-winning three-pointer.

But more than that, the first-overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft made the headlines for his comments after the game, as he didn't hesitate to throw shade to Knicks' Elfrid Payton and RJ Barrett.

Anthony Edwards Takes Huge Shots At Elfrid Payton And RJ Barrett After Beating The Knicks

First, the Georgia product took swipe at Payton's decision to double-him on that crucial play, as he left a red-hot Malik Beasley wide-open for the shot. Edwards found him and he didn't miss:

“I was about to turn and fade until I saw Payton came and doubled. I was like, ‘He crazy’. I saw Beas (Mike Beasley) in the slot and I kicked it. And when I kicked it, you can see I just held my hands up. I knew it was good," Edwards said.

Then, Edwards threw huge shade at RJ Barrett for his botched game-winning shot attempt, claiming that he was exactly the guy that the Timberwolves wanted taking that last-second shot:

"Try not to let Randle catch the ball. Gladly, RJ Barrett caught it and if he would have made the shot we would have lived with it because that's who we want taking the shot. We don't want anyone else taking it," the rookie added.

Edwards Says He's Still Got Another Gear

Clearly, Edwards isn't lacking confidence whatsoever. He's made some strong comments in the past and he's not likely to be quite beloved among his peers right now. Then again, he's not going to shy away and even says that the best is yet to come for him:

“I gotta whole lot of gears in me man. The ones that ya’ll saw today, that’s not it. That’s just a little bit of it. There’s more to come," the first-overall pick concluded.

You gotta love the confidence but he better backs up those words on the court as well.