The Los Angeles Lakers have had a disappointing season thus far. Rather than a Super Team, Frank Vogel's squad reminiscences of the infamous 'Fab Four' of 2004, featuring Karl Malone and Gary Payton way beyond their primes.

But even that Fab Four managed to get to the NBA Finals. This Lakers team, on the other hand, looks like a first-round exit at best, and some claim they won't even be able to get past the Play-in Tournament.

LeBron James continues to turn back the clock and play out of his mind, yet his supporting cast has left a lot to be desired, especially in terms of effort. Thats' why Lakers legend Magic Johnson simply couldn't take it anymore and took to Twitter to express his frustration.

Magic Johnson Rips The Lakers' Poor Effort

"After being blown out by the Nuggets 133-96, we as @Lakers fans can accept being outplayed but we deserve more than a lack of effort and no sense of urgency. Owner @JeanieBuss, you deserve better," the legendary point guard tweeted.

Russell Westbrook Fires Back At Magic Johnson

Truth to form, Lakers guard Russell Westbrook was unfazed by criticism, even coming from one of the greatest players in franchise history. Westbrook didn't want to address Magic's comments and shrugged them off as per usual:

“I do not have a reaction,” Westbrook told ESPN. “Everybody is entitled, in this world, to their opinion. Regardless of what that it is. You can either take it and run with it or you can take it and put it in one ear and out the other or you cannot respond to it.”

“Magic’s entitled to his opinion,” Westbrook added. “And he’s not here every day. He’s not around us every day. He’s not aware of what’s going on internally with us and trying to figure things out. But I have no response to that. Like I said, everyone in this world is entitled to their opinion and that’s that.”

Westbrook has been one of the main reasons behind the Lakers' struggles, yet he refuses to make adjustments. Hopefully, the Lakers will find the way to turn this terrible season around before it's too late.