Chris Paul’s trade to the Golden State Warriors has been one of the biggest and most common talking points in NBA circles this offseason. He’s not a natural fit, and he didn’t get along with some of their players.

Personality and egos aside, Paul plays at a rather slow pace and does most of his damage on the halfcourt, and Steve Kerr prefers a run-and-gun, uptempo offense with a lot of movement.

That — plus Stephen Curry’s presence — made most people think that Paul was going to come off the bench. The weeks have gone by, and Kerr still won’t offer any answers about that.

Steve Kerr Says He Has Six Starters

“We basically have six starters, the way I look at it, and only five can go each night,” Kerr said. “So, I haven’t decided yet what we’re gonna do, I wanna see training camp. We’re gonna try different combinations and take a look, but obviously, all six guys are gonna play a lot of minutes for us.”

Granted that Chris Paul is a legend of this game and he might not want to come off the bench. But he’s no longer in his prime, and it would be for his own sake, not just the team’s.

Besides the obvious upside of having a future Hall of Famer leading the second unit, that would also allow Paul to stay fresh and healthy in the playoffs, which has been a long-withstanding issue throughout his career.