NBA superstars make more money in one minute than most people in one month. That's why some fans often feel entitled to tell them whatever comes from the top of their head, demanding nothing but perfection out of them and calling them out whenever they don't get the job done. Moreover, if their team goes against another, fans often take to social media to let their rivals feel the - virtual - heat. Twitter offers trolls the ability to call out and cuss other people without having to be face-to-face with them.

So, even though NBA players have millions of fans all over the world, they also have plenty of haters and their fair share of criticism. Some use that as fuel and motivation, while others tend to crumble under pressure.

That's why a study conducted by was determined to know who were the most cyber-bullied NBA players right now, analyzing their mentions and the percentage of negative tweets they got.

Honorable Mentions: Kyrie Irving (20.7%), Kevin Durant (21.7%), and LeBron James (22.1%)

3. Joel Embiid (22.3%)

Joel Embiid. (Getty)

Unsurprisingly, Joel Embiid makes the podium here. He's made a living out of making fun of his teammates, rivals, and pretty much every single person in the world, so he may not be that worried about his reputation. He's a bit of a troll himself, so it's only right.

The Philadelphia 76ers superstar got 22.3% of negative tweets going against him. He's got a reputation of being a flopper and he thrives when people call him out, so I bet he's just laughing to know this.

2. Russell Westbrook (24.6%)

Russell Westbrook. (Getty)

Another unsurprising player makes the cut. Russell Westbrook is one of the most polarizing figures around the NBA. His talent and physical gifts are undeniable but his attitude and - lack of - basketball IQ are often exasperating, even for his team's fans.

Westbrook has claimed over and over that he's never going to change the way he is nor the way he plays the game, and that's why it seems like he's finally falling off a cliff. Hopefully, he'll turn things around rather sooner than later.

1. Stephen Curry (27.9%)

Stephen Curry. (Getty)

And last, but not least, we find Stephen Curry, the most hated player around the web. This was a bit of a surprise, considering that he was also the player who got the most total positive tweets among those studied.

Curry is quite petty when he hits his dagger threes and is often goofing around on the bench when his team is winning, so there's no wonder why he's rubbed multiple fans the wrong way over the years.