James Harden is one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA. But as such, he also has a long history of shortcomings, the latest coming with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even so, Harden’s ego has often remained untouched. He always does what he wants, both on and off the court, and that’s how he’s handled every major career decision.

That’s why it wasn’t surprising to see that the Houston Rockets were actually a possibility for his next destination, and while Jalen Green didn’t seem too excited about that.

Jalen Green Wasn’t So Sure About A James Harden Comeback

“I think it can play both ways,” Green said on ‘Podcast P’. “It can help and hurt at the same time. I haven’t really talked to him too much about the rumors; I’m with you on that.”

Harden Won’t Be Back In Houston Because Of Jalen Green’s Comments

Notably, the former MVP didn’t care for those comments. So, once again, driven by his ego, he pretty much shut the door on any potential comeback to the Rockets, per Kelly Iko:

“[James Harden] caught wind of Jalen’s podcast with Paul George, and he wasn’t too keen on some of the things Jalen Green was saying… For [Jalen] to say ‘it could be good, it could be bad,’ [James] didn’t like that very much,” Iko said.

Green didn’t even take a shot at him; he just told the truth. Having a ball-dominant veteran next to a bunch of young players looking to develop could hurt their growth; that’s just a fact. Fortunately for them, that will no longer be the case.