Well, you know what they say: When it rains, it pours. The Golden State Warriors just can't catch a break and it's starting to look like they have some kind of curse after completely dominating the NBA for five years.

They've been struggling to find consistency without Klay Thompson in the lineup and now, they'll be forced to play without their best player and an MVP candidate, as Stephen Curry will be on the sidelines as well.

Curry suffered a scary fall during the Warriors' clash vs. the Houston Rockets, headed to the locker room and didn't come back. And unfortunately, it seems like he won't come back for quite some time.

Steve Kerr Officially Thought The Injury Wasn't That Serious

At first, coach Steve Kerr didn't even rule out the possibility of him suiting up for the Warriors' next game, adding that he wasn't even going to take X-Rays and that he could be back rather sooner than later:

via Anthony Slater

"No idea if he'll play in Memphis. But he seems to feel like he'll be fine in the next week or so. We'll see. Don't take that to mean he's out a week. He could be back practicing tomorrow, for all I know," Kerr said, according to Anthony Slater.

via Nick Friedell

"Kerr said that Curry didn't get x-rays and doesn't believe that any other tests are forthcoming. Kerr is optimistic that Curry will be back on the floor soon after the soreness subsides," Kerr added, as per Nick Friedell.

Steph Curry Likely To Be Sidelined For 10 Weeks

Now, after further testing, it seems like Stephen Curry could be due for a long spell on the sidelines, as he suffered a tailbone contusion that could take up to 10 weeks to fully heal, according to multiple reports.

With the trade deadline looming around, the Warriors can't afford to wait for 10 weeks until Curry comes back, as there's just no chance they'll be in the playoff picture. That means that their season is likely over and that they're now forced to make several moves.