When it comes to the NBA, entertainment is always a top priority for the league and the franchises. It's not enough to have the best players on earth hooping right in front of you, you also need to have one of the funniest NBA mascots to provide a top-notch experience for the fans.

Notably, there are a couple of teams who don't have any kind of mascot, like the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks. Instead, they rely on their iconic fans and celebrities to get the job done. So, if you were looking around for all NBA teams and wondered what's the Lakers mascot, the answer most likely would be Snoop Dogg or Jack Nicholson.

But, when we talk about cheering the people up, goofing around, or simply mocking the rival, there's no one that could beat the guy we're about to mention. Check out the top 10 funniest NBA mascots.

NBA teams without mascot: Out of the 30 teams in the league, the Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks don't have a mascot.

10. Clutch the Bear, Houston Rockets

He was named the NBA Mascot of the Year in 2013. (Getty)

Clutch the Bear may not be the most entertaining among the mascots we're about to mention. But, among all NBA mascots, he's the only one who really thinks of the kids. He's freaking adorable, and that's why the Houston Rockets love him that much.

Kids just love Clutch the Bear, and even if he may seem kind of corny to some older fans, he was recently inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame (yes, that's a thing). His name comes from 'Clutch City', Houston's nickname.

9. Hooper the Horse, Detroit Pistons

He was trained to be a racehorse. (Getty)

The Detroit Pistons have one of the biggest, most loyal fanbases in the world, so they should be treated accordingly. That's why the team introduced Hooper the Horse as their mascot in 1996.

Hooper stands out among most basketball mascots because, as his name says, he actually hoops. He's out there with the Flight Crew Dunking Team at halftime and always puts on a show. You wouldn't expect those impressive dunks from such a goofy-looking mascot.

8. Boomer, Indiana Pacers

He's also referred to as the 'Pacers Panther'. (Getty)

The Indiana Pacers have always been stuck in time. The aesthetics of the franchise has always favored an old-school, classic look, and Boomer is the prime example of it. Still, make no mistake, he's not old-fashioned at all.

Boomer is pretty much a dunking cat with Kawhi Leonard-ish hands (which is ironic considering the Pacers originally drafted Kawhi). He's clumsy and goofy until it comes to flying high and doing a back-flip. Then, it can be kind of intimidating.

7. Harry the Hawk, Atlanta Hawks

He reads bedtime stories online. (Getty)

Harry the Hawk may be one of the most intimidating mascots in the league. I mean, he literally looks like he's about to start a fight and it just gets worse when he takes flight to dunk the ball at halftime.

The Atlanta Hawks haven't had many things to brag about over the past couple of years but now, they can always count on Trae Young and Harry the Hawk to put on a show. Hopefully, that'll bring more fans to their games.

6. Jazz Bear, Utah Jazz

He was introduced in 1994. (Getty)

Picture yourself wandering around the mountains in Utah and then coming across with a 7-foot bear. Don't worry, don't be scared, it's just Jazz Bear, the Utah Jazz mascot for over 26 years.

Jazz Bear is one of the most iconic basketball mascots of all time. He's performed in over 800 home games and has been named NBA mascot of the year five times. Sadly, he's also suffered a couple of injuries while performing.

5. Go the Gorilla, Phoenix Suns

He was born in the Banana Republic. (Getty)

Well, there aren't many gorillas in Arizona, so, at first, Go the Gorilla makes absolutely no sense at all as the Phoenix Suns' mascot. Then again, it's a mascot, it doesn't have to make sense.

This gorilla is a never-ending source of energy and spark. He's constantly goofing around, riding a bike, or posterizing imaginary enemies with his emphatic dunks. There's nothing not to like about him.

4. Champ the Horse, Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks also have another mascot called Mavs Man. (Getty)

No one lives up to the name 'Champ' more than the Dallas Mavericks mascot. He constantly put on a show during the Mavericks' 1.52. and hasn't missed a beat ever since, becoming one of the most popular basketball mascots in the world.

Champ is an anthropomorphic horse (obviously, they're the Mavericks) who dunks on people and wants everybody to get loud on their seats. Halftime shows are always full of entertainment with him and Mavs Man.

3. The Raptor, Toronto Raptors

He's a dunking velociraptor. (Getty)

I mean, what's cooler than a dinosaur? The Raptor brings out that kid inside us and that's just great. He's a bit of a badass but he's also adorable, especially when kids are around. Also, Toronto Raptors fans are just great.

He's widely popular for his 'eating people' skits and, of course, his beef with Robin Lopez. On a not-so-positive note, he tore his Achilles tendon while performing a backflip during a preseason game, so he was in crutches for most of the 2013-14 season.

2. Bango, Milwaukee Bucks

Bango was introduced in 1977. (Getty)

Bango is one of the funniest mascots in all sports. This Deer has been around the league for over 40 years, making him one of the most recognizable figures in all basketball. He's been there longer than several franchises.

This mascot was born to 'replace' Kareem Abdul-Jabbar following his departure to the Los Angeles Lakers, and while Milwaukee Bucks fans would much rather keep Kareem, he's become an integral part of their culture.

1. Benny the Bull, Chicago Bulls

He's been the Bulls' mascot for over 50 years. (Getty)

And, obviously, Benny the Bull has to be the ultimate mascot. He takes place on pretty much every single major event in Chicago, is constantly shouting out other teams and mascots, gets into fights with the Chicago Bulls' rivals, and is the goofiest guy ever.

Benny is constantly giving away presents after spilling giants bags of popcorn. He's also quite the dunker and can often be seen putting on a show in halftime. He became famous during the Michael Jordan era and continues to lead all NBA mascots.