To say that it's been a tough couple of seasons for the Golden State Warriors could be a bit of an understatement. They were used to being at the top of the Western Conference and making NBA history. Now, sadly, Stephen Curry and company are barely holding on to the chance of making the play-in tournament for the last playoff spot.

The Warriors have been a .500 team for most of the season and that's not going to get the job done in the West. That's why their only shot at reaching the postseason right now is finishing either 9th or 10th.

Needless to say, the Dubs need to be near perfect until the end of the season to achieve that goal, and that's why it was so tough for them to lose 133-103 to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

Stephen Curry Opens Up After The Warriors' Tough Loss, Speaks On The Rest Of The Season

The Warriors went scoreless for the final 8 minutes of the first quarter and trailed by 33 at half after scoring just 29 points. The players were clearly disgusted and embarrassed after the game, especially Stephen Curry.

“You want to turn the page. You understand that Mavs are a talented team. They get paid to play basketball just like we do. Some nights, it looks like they get paid more across the board," Curry told the media.

“So it’s just a matter of us trying to remember who we are, remember our identity, not dwell on it too long, and find a way to keep our confidence. Who we’ve shown ourselves to be over this last little stretch in 10 games and sprint to the finish line. We still have a good opportunity,” the two-time MVP concluded.

The Warriors still have 10 games left on their schedule in the regular season and 9 of those 10 games come vs. non-playoff teams or teams that have already clinched a playoff berth. So it's not the right time to lose hope.