Kobe Bryant cemented his legacy with a strong competitive attitude throughout an extremely successful 20-year spell in the NBA. The Black Mamba will live forever in the league's memory as one of the greatest players ever, being a beloved superstar for any basketball fan. 

He wore only the Los Angeles Lakers uniform, turning into an iconic player in that franchise. With them, Kobe rose to stardom and went on to claim five NBA rings, one MVP award, two NBA Finals MVP, and got selected to 18 All-Star Games.

We can't imagine what could have been of Kobe and the Lakers if they decided to take separate ways at some point. Both belonged to each other, and their bond seemed unbreakable. However, as it happened with other figures, the Purple and Gold could have seen their idol leaving for a new adventure, and even to the city rivals.

Would Kobe have signed with the Clippers?

Needless to say, Kobe's career with the Lakers was legendary. Still, that journey had its ups and downs as well, and there were some seasons in which they struggled to succeed. For some years, while Kobe kept being at his best, becoming arguably the best player in the entire competition, his teammates couldn't keep up with his level.

For such a competitive athlete like Kobe was, failing to record good results wasn't acceptable. And it was believed that in 2007, when the purple and gold were struggling, Bryant could have moved to feature with the rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers. Jeanie Buss, owner and president  of the Lakers, opened up about that scenario:

"I've never had that conversation with Kobe, but there was a game where he wore Clippers colors. And not even the jersey, he wore the colors, very subtle. I could see that he loves challenges, and that would have been a huge change. I do think that was something very possible," she said to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson in All The Smoke.

It may sound crazy, but even the Lakers president recognized that the franchise's idol could have worn the opposite uniform when he was at his best. Fortunately for Lakers fans that finally didn't happen, and Kobe went on to build his legacy playing for the same team his entire career.