Jimmy Butler has been spectacular in the NBA playoffs with the Miami Heat. Thanks to his epic performances, they are only the second team ever to reach the finals as a No.8 seed.

After a 44-38 record in the regular season, no one gave them a shot at the title. The Heat even lost the first game of the play-in against the Hawks and almost got eliminated by the Chicago Bulls. Then, in an incredible turn of events, Miami won over the Bucks, Knicks and Celtics.

During that amazing run, Coco Gauff, the famous tennis player, showed once again why she is one of the biggest fans of Jimmy Butler. Read here to find out what’s the relationship between them.

What is the relationship between Jimmy Butler and Coco Gauff?

Coco Gauff just shared an amazing story which happened way before the start of the NBA playoffs. The young tennis star, who is a huge fan of the Miami Heat, was part for one of those extraordinary predictions by his friend Jimmy Butler.

“This was before the Heat were in the playoffs. He offered me tickets to see the last home game fo the season. Then he DM’s a couple of weeks later asking me if I wanted more tickets to see the postseason.”

Gauff answered that she couldn’t do it because she was scheduled to participate in the Masters tournaments at Madrid, Rome and, later on, Roland Garros. However, Jimmy Butler had her covered with an incredible offer.

“Then he said: ‘When we make the finals, let me know if your family wants some tickets‘. This was before we were even in the playoffs. This was before we lost to the Hawks for the first play-in game. When he said me that, I knew they were making the finals. He didn’t say if we make the finals. He said when we make the finals.”