If you haven't been a fan of the NBA for long or you haven't been up to date over the past couple of years, chances are that you don't know aboutLeBron James' oldest son: LeBron James Jr, A.K.A Bronny James.

Bronny is the heir to LeBron's throne and one of the most famous young people on earth, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering he's the first-born of one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

But, what makes Bronny James special? What makes him stand out from the rest of the NBA kids out there? In the following paragraphs, we're about to answer those questions and many more.

How Old Is Bronny James?

Born on October 4, 2004, in Cleveland Ohio, LeBron 'Bronny' James Jr is the first of LeBron's three sons. He just turned 16, while his siblings Bryce Maximus James and Zhuri James are 13 and 6, respectively.

How Tall Is Bronny James?

One of the things that make Bronny James stand out is his body, which shouldn't be a surprise considering his privileged gene pool. As of the last time he was officially measured, he was standing at 6'2'' without shoes, and listed at 176 pounds.

Bronny started dunking at 15 years old and has shown impressive athleticism for a kid his age. He knows how to make the most of his traits on the hardwood just like his old man has been doing it in the NBA for 17 years.

Bronny James' High School Stats

Bronny James transferred to private school Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles in May 2019. Like most freshmen, he barely saw any playing time behind the older players, posting averages of roughly 6.8 points and 0.3 rebounds per game.

Obviously, the young combo guard is expected to get more minutes as he develops his body and his game. As of today, he's considered a four-star recruit by experts from ESPN and 247Sports.

Will Bronny James Play In The NBA?

LeBron James Jr is fully expected to pursue a career in the NBA like his father. He's got a sweet shooting stroke and scoring ability, both believed to be more developed than LeBron's at his age.

Bronny has also shown an impressive basketball IQ for a player his age and has already drawn vocal interest from prestigious programs like Ohio State and Duke. In fact, the rumors say that LeBron will stay in the league long enough to play next to his first-born.

However, Bronny James won't graduate until 2023 and won't be eligible to enter the NBA Draft until the following season, so James would have to play for at least 4 more years (until he's 40 years old) to fulfill that dream.

Bronny James' Weed Controversy

Even though he was more known for his basketball skills and his role as a content creator for esports team FazeClan, Bronny made the headlines recently for something completely unrelated to sports.

LeBron James Jr accidentally posted a couple of Instagram stories smoking a joint, claiming that he was going to 'smoke that Nuggets pack' after his father's Los Angeles Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs.

Bronny went viral in the blink of an eye, with countless memes and reactions about the situation, with people even claiming that he was going to be grounded until he was eligible for the NBA Draft.

Bronny James Will Star In Space Jam: A New Legacy

In 2021, the world will be introduced to a whole new version of Bronny James, as he's expected to have a starring role next to his father in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel of the classic film from 1996, where he's likely to showcase his hooping skills as well.