Los Angeles Rams are a team that is always looking to take huge swings by betting on veterans. This strategy worked out for them since they won Super Bowl LVI, although there were some misses. Their recent move regarding Allen Robinson is the proof.

The Rams entered last season as title contenders thanks to the tag of defending champions. However, their resounding loss against the Buffalo Bills in their opener marked what the season would end up being for them. Injuries played a massive role, but they were already in a bad path.

In that intention of repeating, they went ahead and signed one of the best free agents available at the wide receiver position. Robinson had a bad year with the Chicago Bears in 2021, though the context pointed at him making a come back in a much better team. That’s now what happened.

Rams trade Allen Robinson to the Pittsburgh Steelers

The future of the wide receiver seemed to be written given his poor production in Los Angeles. On Tuesday it was confirmed when the Rams traded Robinson to the Steelers in what was a swap of seventh-round selections. Pittsburgh received the WR and the 251st pick in exchange for the 234th pick, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. But that wasn’t it.

Los Angeles also agreed to pay a huge portion of Robinson’s contract, per Pelissero. While the Steelers will be paying five million dollars in 2023, the Rams will give him the remaining 10.25M in his contract. That number includes the 5.25M they already handed as a roster bonus on March 19. This move means Los Angeles will end up paying Robinson a total of 25.75M for only one season.

Allen Robinson’s contract with the Rams

Robinson signed a three-year deal worth 46.5 million dollars in 2022, although he never lived up to the expectations. He finished with 33 catches for 339 yards and three touchdowns in 10 games. Therefore, the WR will end up making 2,750,000 per game, near $76,000 per receiving yard or $8,583,333 per score. To make it even worse for Los Angeles, Robinson earned $45,818 dollars per snap having participated in 562 plays.