The 2022 NFL regular season is ending and the time is running out for Baker Mayfield to take a decision about his future. He'll become a free agent for the 2023 campaign, so there are some possible landing spots for him.

Baker Mayfield has lived an absolut roller coaster recently. He was traded from the Browns to the Panthers for the 2022 campaign, but Carolina released him mid-season due to his dissapointing performances.

That's when the Rams claimed him off waivers. But Los Angeles gave him a one-year contract that will finish once the 2022 season ends, becoming a free agent that will definitely be very attractive for multiple teams.

Potential landing spots for soon-to-be free agent Baker Mayfield

Los Angeles Rams

It could be possible that the Rams tell Baker Mayfield to stay longer with them. It is clear that he would take the backup quarterback role once Matthew Stafford returns, but his injuries might leave a space for the former Browns player to fight for the starting job.

Sean McVay would have to convince Mayfield to embrace the backup role, but as the quarterback had a good ending of the 2022 NFL season, it wouldn't be easy as other teams will surely tempt him with a starting job.

New Orleans Saints

Will Baker Mayfield return to the NFC South next year? He didn't had a great time with the Panthers, but the Saints clearly need a quarterback as neither Jameis Winston nor Andy Dalton seem to be the solution for their problems.

The offseason will be very important for the Saints. Sean Payton might return next year and he has reportedly been in contact with Tom Brady for a possible reunion at New Orleans, which would close the door for Mayfield's arrival.

Houston Texans

When the Panthers released Baker Mayfield during the 2022 NFL season, everyone expected the Texans to claim him off waivers, but Houston didn't make a move for the former Browns player.

It is true that the AFC South squad will have a good position in the 2023 NFL Draft with the first-overall pick. They will definitely go for a quarterback, but Mayfield could be a good teacher and backup for the newcomer.